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Updated on: April 22, 2013.

Easter 2013, album created on April  1, 2013

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Cross walk, Sunrise Service & Easter Sunday


Joshua's team playing volleyball. - See all videos
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January 24, 2014. - 5 years ago

Andrew and Josh had exams. Put snow tires on the van today. Matthew had a choir practice (Anabalie) for 5pm. Josh went to James'. Went to Masonville, went to the Bay and got Olympic Team Canada gloves. Weather was crappy. High winds were making visibility bad, fortunately there weren't any flurries on top of it. Digital writers Friday, January 24, 2014, 7:45 PM - ACTIVE WEATHER WATCH: Tune into The Weather Network on TV for continued coverage on the weekend we…

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♫ Merci de votre visite et meilleures salutations de la Suisse envoie Zato! ♪ ♫
6 years ago.
Leiela (MCR)
Leiela (MCR)
Le langage de la vérité est, sans aucun doute, simplement et sans artifice... Ne sortez pas, revenez à vous-même. Dans l'homme intérieur habite la vérité. Le premier proverbe de Lucius Sénèque Anneo et la seconde de saint Augustin ... week-end heureux !

Flavaj kaj orangxaj
7 years ago.
Leiela (MCR)
Leiela (MCR)
Hi, Mr Apamean. I wish you a good new week. Be ok !

7 years ago.
Apamean has replied to Maria Jose M.
Thanks Maria for the warm words.
7 years ago.

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