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Updated on: May  5, 2013.
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Been sick - 4 years ago

I have been sick lately, been to the doctor twice in the last two weeks. It's been a respiratory thing and I think I'm finally gaining some ground on it, but it's been wicked......I wake up hacking and coughing for twenty to thirty minutes until I break a sweat before it will stop........I'm so sick and tired of it.......which is beginning to inspire me to try to stop smoking......allergies are bad and I've only had them a couple years, but smoking complicates all these things.....I grew up in…

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Hi Crystal, happy birthday, hope all is going well for you.
2 months ago.
Terri Mccain
Terri Mccain
Howdy!... You know where ever you land I want to be there right beside you sweetie! So HERE I AM! Yeah you done messed up and showed me where you were hiding! LOL! I LOVE MY CRYSTAL!
4 years ago.

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