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Updated on: November  6, 2010.

Scenes from Second Life, album created on June 19, 2007

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beautiful, album created on June 18, 2007

... well, the pictures I really like anyway :)

People, album created on June 18, 2007

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I'm everywhere...including places I don't want to be :( - 9 years ago

I did a Google search and found almost 10,000 entries under Alexia Cournoyer.. I suspect most of them are duds. but I did find out the other day that her name is being used as a tag for porn sites and pornsites with malware.. so be warned if you go searching for her... What I actually do is run 2 Shops in Second Life: NDC and The Art Thing I also have a blog that I use to display some of my goods that I sell and post pictures of the pics I've taken around second life: http…

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Ariadne Slade
Ariadne Slade
Love your photos!!
4 years ago.
The best greetings from Switzerland
sends ♪ ♫ Zato ♪ ♫
7 years ago.
Laslo Kovacs
Laslo Kovacs
8 years ago.
i m french
but very nice !!!!
9 years ago.
Our new photocontet: "The bends". Please join us!
9 years ago.

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