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Scenes from Second Life, album created on June 19, 2007

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beautiful, album created on June 18, 2007

... well, the pictures I really like anyway :)

People, album created on June 18, 2007

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I'm everywhere...including places I don't want to be :( - 11 years ago

I did a Google search and found almost 10,000 entries under Alexia Cournoyer.. I suspect most of them are duds. but I did find out the other day that her name is being used as a tag for porn sites and pornsites with malware.. so be warned if you go searching for her... What I actually do is run 2 Shops in Second Life: NDC and The Art Thing I also have a blog that I use to display some of my goods that I sell and post pictures of the pics I've taken around second life: http…

  • The Gate (an SL/RL installation)

    - October  2, 2007
          View yhancik's map   The Gate (an SL/RL installation) 2007 "The Gate is an installation connecting real life and Second Life (SL), a junction point, a door between two worlds and two representation spaces. Basically, it is a simple window between both worlds where real users and SL users see each other and can meet. A view of the SL Ga…

  • The Gate

    - October  2, 2007
    THE GATE (or Hole in Space, Reloaded) Yannick Antoine, Yves Bernard, Domenico Quaranta, Second Front et Odyssey (Second Life) - 2007 Installation et Plateforme de performance participative "The Gate" met en relation les habitants du monde physique avec la communauté Second Life d’Internet. C’est une porte, un point de jonction, une faille entre 2 mondes et deux espaces de représentation. The Gate est une fenêtre-miroir installée à la fois dans l’espace d’iMAL…

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 Ariadne Slade
Ariadne Slade
Love your photos!!
7 years ago.
The best greetings from Switzerland
sends ♪ ♫ Zato ♪ ♫
10 years ago.
 Laslo Kovacs
Laslo Kovacs
11 years ago.
 Alexia Cournoyer
Alexia Cournoyer
no,. but since my parlez francais is woeful at best.. i think I'll stick to the formal.. less chance of offending anyone (and yes, I'm well aware that my spelling is as bad as my phrasing :) )
13 years ago.
 Alexia Cournoyer
Alexia Cournoyer
ah yes, but tu is more familiar, but I'm just one of those formal kinds of gals :)
13 years ago.

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