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Leaders of China and Taiwan Talk of Peace Across the Strait - 2 years ago

Leaders of China and Taiwan Talk of Peace Across the Strait Gvidantoj de Ĉinio kaj Tajvano Interparolas pri la Paco Tra la Markolo Top News of New York Times, Sunday, November 8, 2015 海峽兩岸領導人討論兩岸和平 紐約時報2015年11月8標題新聞 世界語翻譯:卓照明 SINGAPORE — President Xi Jinping of China met with President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan on Saturday in the first-ever encounter between leaders of the neighbors and longtime rivals, an act both sides described as a breakthrough gesture meant to promote peace and mutu…

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Fred Fouarge Elbertinum Manfredo Mori MIKELO (Michel Dereyger) Judith Kovács (sirena) Vladimír Türk* Josef Klipkar Guy Fougeres Cyril R. Vergnaud Esperanto-Muzeo en Svitavy Maria Mickle Ardo Stano Marček Zhang Xuesong (雪松) V I Z I   László* Wellington Nascimento Song Ho Tere79 Sa Manlajo Abra 仙姑 (仙姑) 王 Reza Kheirkhah Zato Guzman Jara Nguyen Xuan Thu Lea d'ipernity Jianping Zhao Henri Masson

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Maria Mickle
Maria Mickle
agrablan somerumadon k esperantumadon !
3 months ago.
MIKELO (Michel Dereyger)
MIKELO (Michel Derey…
Dankon pro via akcepto, kara Abengo!
Plej amike el suda Francio salutas vin
3 months ago.
Maria Mickle
Maria Mickle
saluton !
7 months ago.
Saluton Abengo el la printempa Elbvalo -
kiel vi fartas - mi fartas bone -
7 months ago.
仙姑 (仙姑) 王
仙姑 (仙姑) 王
Happy Lantern Festival!
7 months ago. Edited 7 months ago.

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