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I believe water to be multi-dimensional.

"The implications for consciousness are manifest" - Personal experimentation

Everything is always; I M V H O

The Modern Antiquarian; (We were very lucky to meet Joan - Guardian of the Stones, at Addington Longbarrow. She taught us to dowse!)

Thank goodness I have been privileged to be able to play the Blues.
(A bit)

I'm not that obsessive

Naaa… You wouldn't like it.

Phones are dead & dumb unless being used by a human then maybe they're 'smart' dumbphones

Most things:
"The more you do; the better you get"

Volunteer for charity, perform random acts of kindness; be nice.
Karma bites, I always remember that.

We're all destined to be history when the time comes.

I have never wanted to play in 'tribute' bands.

Glad I have few 'followers'.
And only myself to please.

'Style' over 'Substance' usually means
'The Emperors New Clothes'.

Unless I'm getting paid, the opinions of others are never my priority I.M.V.H.O.

I have always enjoyed producing 'unfashionable' Artwork no-one seems to like!
(I know I'm doing the right thing.)

Its not really 'progressive' is it, really?

GHASTLY PROG, ghastly…

Don't improvise dogma. You can't.

"I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member"
~ Groucho Marx

Ah! 12 old Music Manuscript links at WebArchive - (C'95)


Methodology? Mine?
"Do:- Go." So quote me.

→ So: Put it all on FB?
I don't do 'competitive' Egotism
(Or need 'faux-validation')
However: I do indulge in Egoism
(FFS: Look up the difference…)

I am Network Free, thank f**k
& I inhabit my own 'silo', thanks; requiring no 'peers' to pressure me.
(Or 'peer review' me - as if that exists anymore in such an agenda & sales led environment as 'social' media)

Although: You're welcome to like me ;P
(Don't worry, I will never ask you)


I can't decide which is worse, 'rolling news' or 'advertising'.

Me? I vote GREEN & Russell Brand.
(He's taller than you think, in so many ways.)

; its in the name.

Corporate CRAPitalism, another name.

T - T - I - P?

"America isn't a country, its a business"
~ Brad Pitt

Any Radicalism=Hypnotism?
(inc. Christian & Muslim)

My other iP stream
7 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
 markhewins 2
markhewins 2
7 years ago.
 Mark Hewins
Mark Hewins
"Even as 'entertainment' biased information
is INCOMPLETE information"

6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.

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