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Faces, album created on February  3, 2010

In a crowd or individually and usually candid.

Creative stuff, album created on January 21, 2009

My creative side. Photo's, drawings,pottery, etc.

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Glamourcon??? - 11 years ago

Let me start off by thanking Gee Dub for attending Glamourcon. I enjoyed seeing the worlds' largest collection of attractive women. The Wiki site for Glamourcon says this "is where Playmates, Pets, Honeys, Perfect 10s, Models, of notoriety due to their appearances on one or more internet pay sites, appear to meet and greet their fans and sell their photographs, videos and other memorabilia." Really! Is this what beauty has come to? It's a little sick if we really think about it. We have plas…

  • Serieously Candid and Head Turners Photo Groups Bend

    - February  2, 2010
    Serieously Candid and Head Turners Photo Groups Bend

  • Puritain Police are at it again

    - January 19, 2010
    Yes, my friends it maybe better to be any other minority group than to be a candid photographer right now. And why not. Candid shooters are an easy target. The established powers and puritan thinkers can't keep children from missing, guns and drugs killing, CEO's from steeling or corporations gouging. But if someone sees their likeness on the internet all those can be forgotten at least until we're all gone then it will be something else like sitting on a bench watching people that will offend s…

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