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Updated on: May  8, 2014.
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Jewish vampires - 9 years ago

Why does it seem there are so few Jewish vampires? What religion are vampires, anyhow? Why might a cross be a defense against them? Would another religious symbol do equally well? If not, why not?

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 Alina Orlicka
Alina Orlicka
Hello, you have the great imagination and humor! Have a good day!
6 years ago.
Hello David, nice to "see" you again after such a long time. :-)
7 years ago.
 Liliana Bonavita - Pinturas - Fotos y Arte Digital
Liliana Bonavita - P…
8 years ago.
 Love Song
Love Song club
Happy new year, feliz año 2013 *_* J*********

'È strano! è strano!
8 years ago.
Merry Christmas my friends
8 years ago.

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