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Fall, album created on October  7, 2016

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passing by, album created on May 24, 2016

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Bits & Pieces, album created on June 12, 2014

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the importance of the trivial - 6 years ago

A number of years ago I taught an adult class in photography. Every week I would give out an assignment that was due in two weeks. The reason for the two week period was because at that time we were all in the film era and the students needed time to find a subject and have the film processed and printed. I had one student in one of my classes, a woman, who always turned in images of family. Picnics, holidays, new arrivals into the world, etc. She had a fairly good eye, not great, but always ver…

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Interesting gallery.
Thank you for visiting my page.
4 years ago.
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Happy New Year..
6 years ago.
o0o thanks for the visit ... appreciated oOo
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Bonjour Brce. Bienvenue chez moi. J'aime tes photos des oiseaux. Have a nice weekend
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Bonsoir bruce. Merci de ton passage. Tes images sont très bonnes. Have a nice weekend
7 years ago.

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