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Updated on: February 24, 2014.

Art Nouveau Stained Glass, album created on January 12, 2014

I have a great love of Art Nouveau, the Arts and Crafts Movement and stained glass. This is an album that combines these three things I love, and are I believe, very beautiful.

Australian Religious Stained and Leadlight Glass, album created on February 16, 2014

In Australia there are any number of beautifully designed churches - both inside and out. This album is dedicated to the detail and artistry of Australia's forgotten stained glass window designers; details often missed when admiring the places of worship that house these examples.

Stained Glass and Leadlight Glass in Australia, album created on February 16, 2014

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Rhisiart Hincks
Rhisiart Hincks
Happy new year!
2 years ago.
Hello, Jesse, and welcome to The Museum! As you are, I have also shaken the dust of flickr off my feet. Thank you for sharing your images with us here, and have a lovely day :-)
3 years ago.
Rhisiart Hincks
Rhisiart Hincks
So pleased to see you here. I miss seeing Ballarat.

It takes a while to settle in, and those who try to keep on both sites find it more difficult than the others, I think. I tried to do that for a while but I like the lay out here so much more. It is smaller and quieter but seems, to me, to have grown much busier than it was back in June. I think it is best to transfer a restrained number of photos at one time, rather than bring everything over at once, as no-one can really appreciate them if hundreds of pictures suddenly arrive.

Not having awards is a good thing, I think now. I got bogged down with them on Flickr.
3 years ago.

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