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Updated on: August  9, 2008.
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The Great August !!! - 9 years ago

The August is always be the great month for me because all of my queen, my mom, my dad and my closed-up friends all born in this month same to me.  and this year is more greater than every year just because i'll be graduate in this month too... but it's made me very busy cannot celebrate my dad and my mom birthday until i'll pass my last examination on 13 August... after that  i'll come here to learn more about photo graphic with you !!!      

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Matthäus Felder Lea d'ipernity Pascal Hervé W. tintinian Arnaldo Silva Juan Almeida Madame Butterfly


Happy New Year !
nieuwjaarskaart 2009
8 years ago.
!  >1@1  !
! >1@1 ! has replied to Mark'Art photograph-…
Oh wow !!!
you r really professional..hehe
thanks for visit and give me some lesson to learn more
9 years ago.
!  >1@1  !
! >1@1 ! has replied to Zato
Thank you from Thailand !!!
9 years ago.
Great gallery !Greeting from Switzerland ! - Z@to
9 years ago.
!  >1@1  !
! >1@1 !
Thanks for visit my page
9 years ago. Edited 9 years ago.

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