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Updated on: June 20, 2016.
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Pumpkins - 11 years ago

Looks like my Pumpkins picture has gotten some attention lately. Just wanted to say thanks for the comments and votes and such. I'm flattered.

  • D70

    - May 28, 2008
    I recently acquired a used Nikon D70. I grew up with film SLRs but I'd been using a digital point and shoot (a Nikon Coolpix 5000) for the last couple years. There are a lot of buttons on this thing so I expect it will take a little getting used to.

  • <untitled>

    - May  5, 2008
    I'm just kind of posting shots at random at this point. These will probably be familiar to anyone who knew me from Flickr. I need to get out and shoot some new stuff but I haven't had a chance lately.

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