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Updated on: November 23, 2009.

Autriche 2009, album created on November  6, 2009

Nos vacances en Autriche 2009

France 2009, album created on September 25, 2009

Nos vacances en France 2009

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DILEMMA - 11 years ago

On Flickr, I used the space under my five Moscow photos to tell a little anecdote about an experience I had while sitting on a bench in a park in Tashkent in 1971! Here on Ipernity, however, I have a blog at my disposition. So, instead of doing likewise with the photo called "Dilemma" , I've prefered to tell the story in my blog (as already done with another photo called "Scared"!) As I'm not a very practical person, all the travels I've made have been arranged by somebody else. I've jus…

  • Rendez-vous with a Prince

    - September 18, 2008
    Once, on a piece of stone somewhere in outer space a prince felt quite alone and jumped to quit the race. He landed in the sand beside Exupéry and told about his land and of his tragedy. His home was very small, and all that it could keep so that it didn't fall would be an only sheep. - o - Last night, I had a dream about this little prince, and almost, it would seem, now just a few years hence he might be back again and visit Earth once more. So, no…


    - June 23, 2008
    If in the arts you build on sand your house of cards will never stand. If you alone your prose admire your style and tone are lacking fire. Cut to the bone with ev'ry rhyme, try build with stone - not pass the time! If what you say is making sense and day by day you move your fence your probing mind is fanning out, and what you find may make you proud! An uncut stone reflects no light and you alone have got the right   to cut your…

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Renate club
Frohe Weihnachten 2011
8 years ago.
Jens has replied to uwe162
Ich danke dir für deinen Mail!
Die Blumen sind wirklich sehr schön fotografiert - gratuliere!
Grüsse von Jens in Brüssel.
9 years ago.
Hallo Jens, ich gratuliere Dir, dass Du so weit in der Welt rumgekommen bist und konntest dabei so viele schöne und interessante Bilder machen. Meine letzte Auslandsreise war 1974 und dann noch mal später nur nach Wien. Aber da hatte ich noch nicht die guten Kameras von heute.
Blütenreichtum und Schauhäuser.
Ich fotografiere fast nur im Palmengarten oder in meinem Wohnort oder sonst näherem Umkreis.
Recht viele Grüße
von Uwe
9 years ago.
Renate club
Frohes neues Jahr 2011
9 years ago.
Renate club
Frohe Weihnachten 2010
9 years ago.

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