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Why quantum particle can be in many places at the same time? It's very… - 12 years ago

There is only one if... That space is grainy. Many theoretical physicist think it is therefore it should be no problem. Now let's start from seismologist. When they want to know what is going inside volcano they put around seismometers and analyze seismic waves. Such wave when it emerges on surface of earth is not one pure wave but many waves. It happen because inside of earth is grainy. At such places where grains adjoin wave is divided between grains and one wave is two waves but weaker. I…

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Elbertinum Platano [La Pafklik] Esperanto-Kastelo Greziljono Lea d'ipernity Juan Vega FOTOGRAFÍAS josepina EPHEMERE Orange tree Christine Valin Claudine Gaulier-Denis Krzysztof Jarka Braun Leejeah Silvana Taramasco Nico Worm Fish Fishersky (Rybson)


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 Fish Fishersky (Rybson)
Fish Fishersky (Rybs…
woman comes to the doctor and he says.
Doctor, I am dependent on facebook.
the Doctor on it, I like it :)
8 years ago.
Pacon, ĝojon k bonhumoron !
9 years ago.
♪ ♫ The best greetings from Switzerland, sends Zato ♪ ♫
11 years ago.
 Jarka Braun
Jarka Braun
Grattis, Happy birthday to you, Duzo szczescia.
11 years ago.
 Silvana Taramasco
Silvana Taramasco
11 years ago.

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