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Updated on: April 13, 2019.
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Why that crap? Schrottige pics - 6 years ago

Why do I upload so much crap her? 1.: I use iper also as an archive to enable me to think & work on some images while travelling. Means, at least 50% of my uploads are actually project-earmarks for later paintings. pics taken for later painting-purposes don´t need to be "good" photos, any crap may be either sufficient or even more helpful than that perfect photo (which I still have to take anyway). Means neither composition nor how it turned out plays a role if y…

  • f... up photo holiday

    - January  9, 2011
    so we went to Cadzand, to the coast hits weekend........... This seaside is the closest from our home, about 350km to go, we´re there quite often. We always meet nice & sunny weather in this corner, but this weekend there were storm conditions (modest) for Saturday. Arrived friday about 10 p.m.after work. I had a perfect noon on the beach, kennling on the sand in rain & gale, shooting oh so perfect......waves, blowing sand, short sunshine mixed with dark clouds in handy intervalls,…

  • oh for a deep hole in the frozen ground

    - December  1, 2010
    and my two cats with me, triple-size, they`d bring me mice and keep me warm while the north-wind ripples the dead grass us we rest beyond.

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autofantasia club
3 years ago.
merci pour la visite ! bonne année !
9 years ago.
 Christine Valin
Christine Valin
Yes, I can see from your photos you have had loads of it. Thank you for your visit.
9 years ago.
Du bringst mich zum Lachen! Ich habe gerade deine Einladung gefunden, es hat mir Spass gemacht um den Titel zu ändern, unbezahlbar! Danke SPW:-)
10 years ago.
Deine Müllausbeute ist ja immens! !!!
11 years ago.

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