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Updated on: March 16, 2017.

My furry Cats!, album created on September 22, 2014

Pictures of my family cat's over the years! Cats rule and dog's drool!

Aristocrat Time Capsule!, album created on September 16, 2014

29 years in solitary confinement! Bob Meyers built this shed around the lo liner to keep the snow off while he built his house! did A good job I might add! it's still in one piece!

My Tucker Sno-Cat & Snowmobiles, album created on August  7, 2013

Here are a few pictures of my winter hobbies over the Years! enjoy!

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goodye! - 3 years ago

outa here! Goodbye!

  • ssdd

    - September  7, 2015
    same shit diffrent day! no nothin! big todo over the fire up in Anatone, so moved my groomer to an open feild and built a fire ring around it! now I gotta go move it back. Thank god the fire didnt make it this far! still going but pretty much contained and got some good rain showers! Thanks to all the fire fighters out there risking there lives!

  • 2014 Tucker Sno-Cat news letter

    - December  4, 2014
    A trip back in time with Tucker Sno-Cats (the last page# 5) Me and my tucker are shown in the 2014 Tucker Sno-Cat news letter, illustrated in the original brochure for the 1600 series new mid engine model, two pictures of my restored 1985 Tucker model # 1743, Vt 378 Cumins diesel, Me,(mid engine) Lt, (Long track) Wt, (wide track) Hd, (heavy duty) one pic at hump lake and the other on wildhorse summit.

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