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Ciao Mark! Ti faccio i complimenti per questo magnifico profilo! Non so se sei un amante del settore odototecnico, ma ho trovato un sito fantastico dove puoi trovare tantissimi consigli come ad esempio il miglior spazzolino elettrico da usare, ecco il link-->
14 months ago.
Dave Symonds
Dave Symonds
Hi Marks, just picked up your message, thanks for the kind remarks. The Van Dykes look superb. I'd like to give them a go sometime, the problem is, there are so many interesting alternative processes to try, it's finding the time to get to grips with them. At present I'm trying to perfect the gelatin coating of paper for Oil Prints. The Bromoil route is getting more difficult, with suitable papers almost impossible to find. I'm also trying to get to grips with Mordancage, which is great fun. Regards, Dave
4 years ago.
Dave Symonds
Dave Symonds
Thanks Doug, what a great site you've put me on to. Haven't had a chance to look around it properly yet, as I've only just started to upload images. I certainly think it's the way to go for the RPS Scotland Area Creative Group. It's much nicer and cleaner than the Flickr interface. Regards, Dave.
5 years ago.

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