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Updated on: October 15, 2015.

Mt Pacifico hike, album created on January  6, 2015

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Strawberry Meadow from Red Box, album created on November 20, 2014

Strawberry Meadow from Red Box to the Josephine Peak fire road: Moderately paced 10 mile 1400’ gain hike. The trail has been restored and is open all the way

Beaudry Loop, Tongva Peak hike, album created on November 13, 2014

Beaudry Loop, Tongva Peak (2656'). Trail hike, approximately 6 miles and 1500' gain at an easy pace. Dogs welcome. Meet 9:00 A M La Canada with the usual stuff. Leaders: Asher Waxman, Ron Rosien

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On My Mind 20141121 - 4 years ago

I saw that somebody wrote a blog - he thought it was nice, so, a new look. ... it's at Some things: If you're looking to transfer your photostream from Flickr to Ipernity, I would recommend giving this tool here a try: in their original resolutions with their original descriptions with it. ---- Sky and Telescope has the best writeup on the 67p comet lander, the additional thing to know is that enough…

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I was going to become a member (special offer), but will have to stay with Flickr pending "I'd love to see some kind of guest pass" - need "private URL" or something to restrict viewing of some of my albums/pictures Ipernity 6/13/14
4 years ago.
Edhiker Flickr popular pictures, mostly in order of total views, compiled 6/24/13 Seeing a Sonic Boom, how often?
5 years ago.
Flickriver is a good way to view Ed's many pictures on the web:
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.

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