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model drawings, album created on October 27, 2013

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Maleisie december 2012, album created on September  3, 2013

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emotion versus expression - 8 years ago

When i started painting again last year i mostly just went with what came naturally to me. I like drawing people, so i started painting portraits. I like strong colourcontrasts, so i chose bright colours. I have two fellow painters in the course i am doing who have similar themes in their painting. One of them has a very expressionistic, bold style. She expresses strong emotions in bright colours. The best work she did last year was a series based on religious paintings, Jesus suffering on the…

  • mixed feelings

    - December 14, 2013
    I haven't been posting a lot of paintings recently. This isn't because I haven't painted anything, just that i am not very pleased with the paintings i made. I feel like it might help if i can manage to put into words what i am trying to achieve. This seems a good place to do some thinking while i write and who knows, maybe i can get some feedback as well. But before i get to the specifics of the things i am struggling with in my painting right now, maybe i should try to explain my personal…

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