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Updated on: July  9, 2017.

Sylvia, album created on September 29, 2013

Sylvia is a young cat I began feeding in early July, 2013 after I saw her a couple times on a nearby street and realized she was abandoned or possibly never had a home to begin with, although quite approachable. She also had 5 kittens to care for, and I fed them too and managed to catch and give away 3 of them. Sylvia herself held out until late September when I managed to grab her and bring her home with me. She is loving her new domestic life and looks years younger compared to her days as…

Spunky, album created on June  5, 2013

This little kitty came into my life as a 3 mo. old kitten in August 2011 the day someone dropped him off in the street in my neighborhood. Purring instantly and grateful to be rescued, he fit in so well with my 3 pets that I kept him, and he is still a very happy cat who is quick to purr and play. Whoever threw him out missed having a great pet and I received a special serendipity.

Flowering Trees, album created on June  3, 2013

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 Pam J
Pam J club
Welcome to the Wildlife In The Garden group !
6 years ago.
Danielle club
Tes albums sont magnifiques, j'y reviendrai car j'aime beaucoup les chats et les chiens.
Merci pour ton commentaire ça me permet de te connaître et de t'ajouter à mes contacts.
6 years ago.
Thanks for your kind remarks about Bella. She is 1/2 Chihuahua and 1/2 Maltese.
6 years ago.
 Swetlana Hasenjäger
Swetlana Hasenjäger
Happy Sunday with Roses for you !
6 years ago.
 Peter Van Der Houwen
Peter Van Der Houwen
Thanks for your extensive visit of my page and the many favourites!
6 years ago.

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