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Updated on: November 15, 2017.

Watercolours, album created on June 14, 2015

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The illusion factory, album created on December 30, 2014

Things are almost always more than they seem. Perception is a view rather than a truth.

Rose, album created on October 24, 2014

These photos capture some of the delicacy and fragility of the Rosa species. The names are just words i gave them and not the true varieties. The pictures are about shape and form, texture and movement,they are moments in a life,captured light fall and shadow, some presence presented as it dies. There is a love held in one which will last forever.

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o0o photostream is so very unique, compliments, Bev oOo
3 years ago.
Maria Mickle
Maria Mickle
saluton! belkolora, fabela mondo silka ! gratulon!
4 years ago.
Ingrid Hedbavny
Ingrid Hedbavny
Great to see your beautiful work here too!
4 years ago.

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