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Reimagining Peace, album created on November  4, 2014

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Western Australian Wildflowers, album created on September 18, 2014

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Strandings II, album created on April  4, 2014

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The Butcher's Wife: Sample Chapter - 8 years ago

The whole novella is available here: aperback/product-21334928.html Chapter 1 Yet Lord, instruct us so to die, That all these dyings may be life in death. - John Donne Sometimes the flayed things have spirits. In death, the knife feels like a whisper, whittling down to the whiteness of bone. She regained consciousness as the spurts from her jugular began to slow, and the snick and slice of the blade were dreadful ca…

  • A Witch's Natural History: Sample Chapter

    - January  1, 2014
    The whole book is available here:'s-natural-history.html Chapter 13 Beyond the Crooked Stile It is said that Mother Goose is derived from Frau Holt, or Herodias, the goddess of the witches of northern Europe, who flies at night astride a goose, naked and (even in my childhood imagination) voluptuous in spite of the cold. She flies at the head of the Furious Horde, the Wild Hunt, her raven hair streaming out behind her, her red slitted pupils glowing on…

  • Reynard the Fox as Guiser: Images of the trickster in Beverley Minster and Bristol Cathedral

    - January  1, 2014
    Reynard the Fox as Guiser: Images of the trickster in Beverley Minster and Bristol Cathedral Giles C. Watson A paper delivered to the Folklore Society Conference on Guising, Warburg Institute, 17th May, 2003 At Beverley Minster, a foundation of secular canons in Yorkshire, two of the misericords, carved by members of a firm from Ripon in 1520, seem on first glance to be the result of natural observation. In the first, a fox lopes in the foreground, a goose slung casually over his shoulde…

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 Giles Watson
Giles Watson
I'm glad to hear that! It is starting to feel like that for me too! Great to see you here as well...
8 years ago.
 Giles Watson
Giles Watson
Thank you :o) I look forward to seeing more of your own photos!
8 years ago.
 Peggy C
Peggy C club
Wonderful to see you here .. saw your last post on the Dark side, so had to find you.
Welcome !
8 years ago.
 Giles Watson
Giles Watson
Rhisiart - thank you for the greeting. The uploads are all the old things from my Flickr account. There are so many that it will take me some considerable time, but I need to do it now while I have the chance. I suspect that Flickr may just suddenly disappear one day! In any case, it is now nearly impossible to use, and I get no joy out of it - so a smaller community, but one that is actually able to comment and discuss, is fine by me! Looks like I might have to spend time rotating a lot of photos, though! Judith - I am pretty sure I will stay. I have been "lurking" here for a while, trying to decide whether to leave Flickr, and it is such a relief to be back in an environment that works!
8 years ago.

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