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Updated on: June 15, 2013.

Fleur, album created on May 28, 2013

Ever since she can remember, orphanage was her home. Fleur is very sweet, bright, outgoing girl. However, she longs for answers to blank questions.. She doesn't know what she wants to know.. but it bothers her and she develops emptiness inside of her... When she was 10, she meets her best friend for life, Faith. Faith is like older sister to her, and only person she considers to be her family. When she turns 12, Fleur get adopted to very prominent rich family. She quickly realizes that sh…

Faith, album created on May 28, 2013

Faith is 18 years old. She is desperately searching for what happened to her parents. Faith was raised in an abusive household where her father was alcoholic and violent, her mother being ignorant... She usually found herself out in the forest day dreaming. One day, she missed her curfew, and she hurried to get to home. But, just before she had to cross the main road, she experienced something that remained with her till this day. It was almost like a different dimension of same street. Her…

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