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International Womens Ride Day - 5-6-17

Short clip of our police escorted ride thru Georgetown today - See all videos
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Help Save Ipernity - 7 months ago

CROWDFUNDING TO SAVE IPERNITY IS GOING ON! See the post here: Donate here and help save Ipernity: members-association-a-non-profit-entity/x/16237256 SPREAD THE NEWS AROUND ANY WAY YOU CAN - POST AS PHOTO, SHARE IN COMMUNITIES, SHARE ON FLICKR AND 23HQ, DECLARE FROM THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!! COPY THIS AND PUT WHERE EVER YOU WANT. -------------------------------------------------- ------…

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I hope you realise that ipernity is under threat of closure?

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10 months ago.
J'aime beaucoup votre page. Dommage que je ne parle pas l'anglais...
18 months ago.
Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment! Have a wonderful week :))
3 years ago.
Bonjour elaie. Merci de ta nouvelle visite. Bon dimanche à toi
3 years ago.
Bonjour Elaine.Merci de ton passage. tes dessins sont très jolies. Bon dimanche
3 years ago.

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