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Geometry ... a work in progress ......, album created on May 23, 2013

Γεωμετρία Geometry. ... The accumulation of points and an exploration of the voids that separate them, in both space and over time … images of shape and form in their homeland the birthplace of geometry, trapped by the genius of photography into thin wafers, planes of reality, time held forever on the printed page. The incongruity of dimensions compressed, constrained yet still perceived … time and shape recognised as a reality of sorts, portrayed by shade and light, shadow and violent sunli…

Display ... Alice's project photos ......, album created on May 14, 2015

... the 'photos' I created in photoshop from the from the originals made by the technician at Huddersfield Uni. This project formed part of my daughters degree in Surface Design, she created the art ... they are actually laminates glass screens made in collaboration with a Blackpool manufacturing company ... I just made the pretty pictures in photoshop ...

Portrait ... family and other animals ......, album created on May 25, 2013

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Sparrow ... Stewart Mcbride
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... not yet there is a rangefinder group though
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Sparrow ... Stewart Mcbride
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Hi welcome ....
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