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Updated on: December 29, 2013.

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David Goold
David Goold
Judith! You know, I didn't recognise the surname but then I saw the beautiful cat silhouettes and knew immediately who you were! Thanks so much for making contact - I've been having a bit of a rest recently (yes, another rest!), but will be back to uploading soon.
4 years ago.
Judith Jannetta
Judith Jannetta
Nice to find you here.....
(I was Judith Green on Flickr and 500px - but I've quit both)
4 years ago.
David Goold
David Goold
Yes, you too! I left Flickr over a year ago, but I heard a few good things about this place during 'the storm' and Laura dragged me over. It's nice here - breath of fresh air.
4 years ago.

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