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Updated on: May 27, 2014.

Bob, album created on May 22, 2013

Bob enjoying his evening nap Bob enjoying his evening nap

Bob's nicknames: Bobcat, BobBob, Robert Hayden Harrington the third, Bobski, honeycat, Pal, Kitty-Kitty Almost 3 years ago, one of our other cats was missing (we never found him) and we were at the City Animal Services, seeing if they had found him. We saw Bob there in a cage, to be adopted. My daughter loved how big he is, and over the next week kept talking about him. She decided that if Bob was still there the next time we went back to look again for our missing cat, she'd adopt him. There h…

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iPernity or Flickr, that is the question - 3 years ago

Flickr is just steadily getting worse and worse, but many of my friends there are staying there for one reason or another, so I've put off participating on iPernity, since I didn't want to do both sites. Still don't...and still don't know if I want to give up on Flickr completely. So here I am today, uploading some older photos to iPernity. :)

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:) thanks!
3 years ago.
Hi Cathy! :-) I like your page, specially the collage!
4 years ago.