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Shooting information - 8 years ago

You can enable the shooting information (EXIF data) to be shown to people who visit your pages now. I saw this on the Ipernity Team Blog and they give instructions on how to change your settings to show this.

  • I think I might join the "Club"

    - May 24, 2013
    I have discovered that there are some serious benefits to being in the "club" here on ipernity. The main one that gets me, in addition to unlimited uploads, is that you can put your photos in the comment boxes as a member of the "Club". I am aware that ipernity is having a lot of wait times in uploads right now due to the high volume of flickr refugees transferring their photo streams over to ipernity so I am going to try to keep my uploads down for a few days to help this situation out. I am…

  • Helpful hint

    - May 23, 2013
    So many of you are new here, and I just figured this out yesterday evening for myself. If you are exploring around this site and wish to access your own account, just hover your mouse over your name in the top right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear which will quickly enable you to access many features on your own account.

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 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Thank you very much for your kind visit cats.
Good Sunday Pascal.
7 years ago.
 Cats 99
Cats 99
No, I upload each site separately. I copy/paste the text from one to the other, whichever one I prepare first. It's a lot of work, but I don't know a better way to do it. I don't even know how to copy a single flickr photo over to Ipernity, though I can move entire sets over.
7 years ago.
 Anne Elliott
Anne Elliott club
Help!!! Fran, can you see a way to copy a Flickr photo to ipernity - or maybe you do it the other way round? Up till today, I could click on a bar under every Flickr photo and it would automatically transfer it to ipernity. Sigh.
7 years ago.
 Rita Guimaraes
Rita Guimaraes
Thanks for the visit and the kind comment in my page.
Hugs from Brasil.
7 years ago.
 Horizon 36
Horizon 36 club
Hi Fran and thanks for visit.
7 years ago.

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