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Updated on: June  2, 2016.
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A Very Sad Day - 5 years ago

Due to the state I am now in, it has become a bit of a struggle to look after 6 cats properly. I haven't been letting them out (except Kitten), because if they got injured or in trouble, I wouldn't be able to rush out and help them. It just wasn't fair on them to be kept indoors all the time since they were used to going out earlier. Today I handed over the two tinys (Tboy & Tgirl), and worst of all, Tabby & Dee, to the SSPCA for rehoming. They now on their way to the mainland (Inverness). They…

  • Been One Of Those Days

    - January 29, 2016
    I had just sat down with a cup of tea when I heard a sound like a jet engine coming through the house, and noticed the smell of very hot metal coming from the wee iron stove, which was glowing a nice 'cherry red' in the sitting room. It was clear that I had a whopping great chimney fire on the go. On another day I would have probably just let it get on with it, but with the wind in the 50mph range, and knowing there was a reasonable build up of tar (been about 15 years since I set this one on f…

  • The Lunatic Fringe...

    - November 13, 2015
    ...are at it again. What's all this crap about naming a weather event- like a bit of a gale blowing through the area. It was just that- wind- it certainly doesn't need a name! To hear the BBC news (that's the English Broadcasting Corporation), the end of the world came last night in my part of the world. Just because down south there is total panic if the wind touches the 20mph mark, doesn't mean there is something to panic about. Nearly every hour the radio said how there were no ferries to…

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With Ipernity shutting down soon, I realised I won't be able to enjoy Spacemouses and his cats's pictures anymore...... and this is heart wrenching ! I'm realy realy sad.......It is a little sun does sets for good.......
4 years ago.
I find myself wondering now about Kitten and Little. I know that they were taken in by his children, and are being well cared for, but it would be nice to get an update about them now and then.
5 years ago.
triste nouvelle j'offre mes sympaties aux membres de sa famille
5 years ago.
StoneRoad2013 club
RIP, Spacemouses - you will be missed.
5 years ago.
I would ask the members of David's family to allow his photos and other material to stay here online for at least until his paid membership expires (and my wife and I would cover the renewal cost if they choose to leave things up after that) so that his many, many friends and fans might still browse his work and remember and reminisce about our wonderful friend and his oh so interesting felines.
5 years ago.

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