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Updated on: September  2, 2019.

My favourite bird shots, album created on August 11, 2014

A selection of my bird shots

My favourite non bird shots, album created on August 10, 2014

A selection of my non-birds shots.

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Sayonara... - 4 years ago

My friends, ipernity isn't working for me any more. The place has turned from buzzing with excitement when all the flickr refugees came over in 2013 into a ghost town with little activity. Most of the flickr refugees that I knew have left ipernity. Most went back to flickr, some simply disappeared over time. I lost a lot of good contacts this way. And then some people simply stopped coming over and comment for reasons unknown to me. An additional problem for me is that I detest banners an…

  • My stalker is back.

    - November 27, 2014
    I've reactivated my account and today my stalker showed up again. He can't see anything as I have made everything visible to my contacts only (although I'm in the process of changing them back to public, checking each image for personal info). And I have blocked him so he can't contact me. But he can see my contact list, so I thought I would warn you in case he contacts you, as he did a while ago with one of my contacts. If he does, just block him. This is him:…

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