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Railways and Steam, album created on November 22, 2013

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B.A.O.R. 1945, album created on November 22, 2013

These photographs were about to be destroyed. The end of a person's life and history erased. I rescued them in 2004 (pre Flickr) and since I have been unable to find a military archive interested in them I am now posting them for all to see. B.A.O.R. stands for British Army On the Rhine and was first set up in 1945. Another clue has been a note: 49th (WR) Div O.F.P. though this is may not relate to all these photographs. I do not know who took them, or when. The most likely time is just bef…

Dennis Lancet UF YYB 118, album created on November 22, 2013

A set of photographs showing restoration work on a 1957 Harrington bodied Dennis Lancet UF that was new to Hutchings & Cornelius (H&C) of South Petherton, Somerset. It was withdrawn in 1974 and sold to Tor Coaches of Street.who only used it for a couple of months before selling it on to The Brutonian Bus Co. of Bruton, Somerset. It was operated until 1976 when it was withdrawn and left unused in the yard. It was purchased for preservation in 1980 and for the next 24 years was comparatively uncha…

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Ipernity....Flickr.... Flickr.....Ipernity...Oh I don't know! - 5 years ago

I guess this is the way to write an introduction to my Ipernity account. Here I am, not actually abandoning Flickr but finding it so clunky in function that I am thoroughly fed up with it. Not everyone I know there has made the move here but I am pleased to be among those that are trying Ipernity as well. That means until something gives, I'll try and keep both sites going, though will pay for just one. Although I have populated this place with a few pictures from my Flickr account, it seems to…

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