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At Christmas, all roads lead home. Merry Christmas
22 months ago.
Happy Easter!
2 years ago.
Stanley Sutton
Stanley Sutton
Wishing you a Happy New Year
2 years ago.
Gloucester, a Bottled Spider
Gloucester, a Bottle…
The page name comes from my favorite Shakespeare play, Richard III. Richard's mother warns his brother's Queen about the ambitious Duke:

“Poor painted queen . . . / Why strew’st thou sugar on that bottled spider / Whose deadly web ensnareth thee about? / Fool, fool, thou whet’st a knife to kill thyself” (I.iii.239–242).

But I'm not that bad a fellow, I hope!
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
I only knew Gloucester canaries..but spiders?and bottled too?never
2 years ago.

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