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3-12-15 Badlands Walk, album created on March 12, 2015

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Flashdrive Favorites #3, album created on March  3, 2015

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Flashdrive Favorites #2, album created on February 21, 2015

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My Absence - 3 years ago

Sorry I haven't been on ipernity for a week now, but I've been super sick since last Wednesday night and have been sleeping most of the time. I was able to eat a bowl of chicken soup today, and it's the first I've eaten in the past 6 days...I think I might have lost some weight, so it isn't all bad. Anyway, I'll be back when I feel better, it's just not fun right now and I can't focus very well either.

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Rich Sandman
Rich Sandman
Sup brah?
18 months ago.
Hope you're feeling better by now James.
3 years ago.

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