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Updated on: September 19, 2014.

Prague 2014, album created on August  9, 2014

Second Czech Ukulele Festival:,71.html

Misc, album created on May 21, 2013

Pics used to post in various locations, to send in an email etc. Mostly functional and very boring. ;-)

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Kitchin' - 7 years ago

As you can see, my backsplash is white - but that is about the only thing that is! ;-) This is still the old colour, and I love the way it goes with the wooden doors. The new colour will probably be something pretty much like this one. Or maybe completely different, I haven't made up my mind yet. I love my new stove maybe even more than the new kitchen cabinets. It's great to finally have a gas oven (of which I fixed a loose bit myself; yay for screws stash!) and there is just something in…

  • A Moveable Feast

    - December 24, 2013
    Well, I got all my cards out of the door before Christmas at least.... Here's hoping they'll make it to their destinations before 2014! I used to consider writing them something of a chore (although I still missed it in years that I've skipped sending them), but I've figured out by now that I can make an enjoyable evening out of it. Just install myself on the couch with cards, envelopes, stamps, fountain pen and my trusty address book - along with a pot of tea (or some wine, olives and chees…

  • But really, we should use larger boxes

    - December  8, 2013
    Ship Diptych (Amsterdam harbour)
    So, it turns out the film I've scanned was not from the BBF at all. (or mostly scanned - it is always SO much more work than I think! Another good reason to stick to medium format, a maximum of 16 frames is much more doable.) Instead they were photos I had completely forgotten about, taken with the Diana Mini (and I should have known that; they are both capable of shooting portrait-style images, but the way those are arranged on the negatives is different). I do remember the occasion that…

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