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Updated on: August 27, 2013.

Is There Life After Flickr?, album created on May 21, 2013

Like many who found the "new and improved" Coke...I mean Flickr...not satisfying, I've begun a site here on Ipernity. But I am uncertain as to the direction it will take. Be patient and let's see where the creative juices flow.

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Spring-o-lators And Other "Bad Girl Shoes" - 4 years ago

One of my first efforts with a website on a topic other than being T was this one from many years ago. Actually I am just experimenting with the layout of the home page but have included some more information so click away!

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Abby Lauren
Abby Lauren
Dear Robyn
Have a very happy New Year and a very happy birthday.
2 years ago.
Nathalie Opium
Nathalie Opium
enjoy the end of year sweet moments, merry christmas and happy new year.........then it seams this could be your birthday a little time ago, happy birthday sweet kisses Nathalie and Diane
2 years ago.
Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy
Miss Magnolia Thunde…
How lovely to see/hear you again, after such a long time! Are you keeping well, my dear? I shall reply to your Ipernity Email this evening.
4 years ago.
Monica McFadden
Monica McFadden
So happy to see you here on ipernity. Hopefully things here will be less restrictive than they were on Flickr!
4 years ago.
Robyn Michaels
Robyn Michaels
I'm still exploring, discovering and playing around with this site. I discovered that a minimum of 5 photos is needed for an album to show multiple images as you see to the left.

"Old dog - Learns New Tricks - Gets Treat"
New shoes are my favorite treat!"
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.

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