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Nature, album created on December  8, 2020

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Family & Friends, album created on December  8, 2020

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VIRTUAL WORLD Photos, album created on October 20, 2020

All Photos in This Album Are from a Virtual World

Harmon and Novo Dance

Harmon and her new friend Novo take to the dance floor in their Virtual World - See all videos
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Experiencing the Unreachable - 20 months ago

The photos that you see here from a Virtual World provided a glimpse into a world that many can never experience in the material world. Owning a yacht and sailing the seas, or living in a mansion fit for royalty is beyond the means of most, yet in the Virtual World it becomes a reality in the imagination. Here you can be whatever you wish and with a very small budget own many of life's luxuries. It serves as a great escape during the pandemic, since no social distancing is required. Parties,…

  • Virtual World - All Created by Residents

    - November 13, 2020
    As you explore the photos and videos of the Virtual World, be aware that everything you see was created by the residents. It is all 3-D and yes, you can sail the seas, needing to adjust your sails to catch the ever-changing wind to propel you along. The airplanes fly through the skies. Every tree, building, even avatar, was created by the residents of the Virtual World in which you see them. In this world, you move about as you do in the real world, meet and talk with residents who live all…


    - October 23, 2020
    For a great many people, with limited physical capabilities, the Virtual World has become their world. In the Virtual World, then can function on an equal playing field as anyone else residing there. Once again they can explore, socialize, enjoy a myriad of activities from dancing to riding a horse. Some people, who are restricted to the Virtual World for their main interaction find partners and some even have families. The Virtual World is certainly not limited to those with limitations, bu…

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 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Un travail virtuel vraiment remarquable..!
Have a great weekend.
19 months ago.
 François Manchon
François Manchon
Merci pour l'ajout
19 months ago.
 Jocelyne Villoing
Jocelyne Villoing club
Bienvenue sur I'Ipernity.
Merci de vos visites, bonne continuation.
20 months ago.
raingirl club
Welcome to ipernity! And thank you for visiting my photos. I hope you enjoy being here.
20 months ago.
 Public Relations
Public Relations club
A warm welcome from the ima team, too!
21 months ago.

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