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Florida...2015, album created on March  3, 2015

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Oriels....April and May_2014, album created on June 23, 2014

I wait for these every year...just love watching them. I am just sorry that they don't stay around longer...

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Activity here by others and myself...? - 8 years ago

I have not been on for a while, but after having surgeries and such, I have just received one notice from ipernity, but it has been quite a while. So it makes me wonder, are there things going on in here or not? I am retired, but have hobbies that keep me pretty busy off an on....depending on my mood. However, if no one is in here that has an interest, than I will put my time somewhere else. I'm just now learning more about ipernity, and would like to see some incouragement to make me want t…

  • I'm a bit slow getting into this.

    - November 20, 2012
    I had joined this group, but hadn't seen much activity until resently. I've had a little surgery done on my knee, but it's doing fairly good and now I'm getting more inspired. I now have a stash of yarn waiting to attach to needles of some sort, so I'll be checking in more often now. Glad to see more joining in. I'm kind of just feeling around for the layout here, so give me a little time. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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