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Updated on: September 27, 2012.

Genève, album created on April  9, 2010

22-23 mars 2010

San Servolo | Venice Jazz 2009, album created on September 16, 2009

Photo workshop

Tenor sax

first week of exercising -now, one week later, this really needs to be replaced with something newer ... - - See all videos
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O I L · B I N S - 9 years ago

seems like I'll have to perform (or partecipate) in an exhibition by playing, say hitting, oil bins - yes those used for petrol & co ... Now this is a nice chance but I have no or little clue about how to work with such stuff (I've played simply drums, so far). Any suggestions about how to make it interesting? tonal changes, different sticks, playing techniques, materials, junk stuff... anything is appreciated : )

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was the 'mmm' positive or negative?
10 years ago.
yes you are :) but don't worry hope you're fine.
10 years ago.
good morning ... have a great day :D hope you're fine.
10 years ago.
eyes wide shutter
eyes wide shutter
oh, hello! stil i don't have many clues on how all this is supposed to work : ##

anyway, i made sure to have my seat in here
11 years ago.

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