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Updated on: March  8, 2017.

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Christa1004 Martine S.Pilipko (WorldAround)


Eric Readling
Eric Readling
Hello Serge. Yes it is a pity. Hopefully we will meet again. I have an account on Flickr that I have not used in a long time. I will probably begin posting on that site. Perhaps I will see you there. Take care my friend.
11 months ago.
S.Pilipko (WorldAround)
S.Pilipko (WorldArou…
Glad to see you, Eric. It's a pity that the time now is unclear and alarming.
11 months ago. Edited 11 months ago.
Eric Readling
Eric Readling
Hello Christa and thank you. I will indeed begin adding photos soon. Kindest regards to you too. Eric
12 months ago.
hello Eric, welcome to Ipernity. Next step: fill up your gallery... Best regards, Christa
12 months ago.

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