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Updated on: September 11, 2014.

Lensbaby, album created on October  4, 2013

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Freedom, album created on September 19, 2013

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Blue Notes, album created on August  1, 2013

Gravity and the ravages of time, cannot be ignored. ' I Done Got Old '

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Are these people TRYING to piss me off ... - 6 weeks ago

The ' News in a flash ' page looks horrendous; the ' Contacts ' page is no better off. Navigation is now a click-fest . But these things too,we will get accustomed to ... Sept. 13 I have adjusted to the difference in navigation. The lay out remains hideous; although it appeals to some (many ???). I feel a growing dissatisfaction here and question if it's worth the bother to stay. Sept. 19 Team Ipernity has acknwledged a problem, revisions are to be made. Change is inevitable, improve…

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Hello, R.C., and welcome to Creativities! Thank you for sharing your creative vision with us, and have a lovely day :-)

7 months ago.
Diana Australis
Diana Australis
All the very best for the Festive Season.
I hope you have a wonderful time with those you love!
9 months ago.
Muito obrigada por sua amizade!
Felizes festas e um belo Ano Novo!
um abraço!
10 months ago.
Feliz Navidad
10 months ago.
Pilar M.
Pilar M.
No se me ocurre mejor manera de desearte un buen fin de semana
11 months ago.

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