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self (nudes), album created on July  2, 2007

More than you wanted to see.

self / autoportraits, album created on July  2, 2007

Worksafe self-portraits.

gondola ride at waterfire

...with commentary at the end from an unknown passerby. I don't know the people in the boat, either, come to think of it. - See all videos
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... - 11 years ago

I'm sure I've mentioned something like this before, just not here: "cybernetic" and "gubernatorial" are more or less exact equivalents, both ultimately deriving from the same Indo-European word referring to a ship's pilot, although of course they have have acquired primarily metaphorical uses. It's just as well that the Greek version has come down to us for machine things rather than the Latin, or else Doctor Who might feature the terrible Guber-Men, or Gibson would have written guberpunk, and…

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