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peace and light 2015 2016, album created on March 30, 2016

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light 2014, album created on June  9, 2014

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light 2013, album created on January 15, 2013

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live painting artisanal

première vidéo faite à la maison logiciel light painting live capture vidéo de l'écran avec appareil photo numérique pochoir "les crevards de la plaine" hip hop marseillais laser + lampe torche jaune experimentation, prochaine sess… - See all videos
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Amok Stabeu
Amok Stabeu
rdv sur facebook pour encore plus de photos
5 years ago.
Amok Stabeu
Amok Stabeu
ok avis aux amateurs de photos ainsi que pro
c'est un appel au vote qui m’emmène a vous poster ça
merci de votre participation
6 years ago.
Amok Stabeu
Amok Stabeu has replied to fretless
hi fretless, thanks for the support, thats different colored lamps , and the settings on the camera are almost the same all the time, we doing that in 10, .20 sec or one minut maximum,
there are so many ways to do light painting and each guy can make it personnaly
( u light objects , machines, caracters, landscapes....)
u can use different lights:
(lasers, light sabers, big projectors .....)
and i try also stencils and it work perfectly, hope u'll find some ideas here and keep it up to u do a very nice work too , peace stabeu
6 years ago.
some very cool light paintings you have there!
by the way, do you use differently colored lamps/bulbs or do you gel them yorself?
keep it up!
6 years ago.
Amok Stabeu
Amok Stabeu

page facebook light painting hip hop et art
venez nombreux
6 years ago.

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