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Updated on: October 16, 2017.

for rf forum, album created on August 13, 2014

14 items in total.

Voigtlaender Snapshot Color Skopar f4/25mm compared to Olympus Pen-F Zuiko f4/25…, album created on June  2, 2014

photos taken on Ricoh GXR M ( Pen-F lens modified to Leica M ) ISO 200, A mode, in RAW, imported in Lightroom 4, exported without any processing.

f4/25mm Snapshot Skopar comparison on Sony NEX5N ( 16 MP ) and Ricoh GXR M ( 12M…, album created on May 20, 2014

all photos taken at ISO 200 with Auto WB as RAW, imported in Lightroom 4, exported as jpeg without any editing.

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my photos - 6 years ago

are really mostly shown here: and i have been using ipernity only for hosting. that may change in the future though, ipernity seems better?

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