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if your photo was deleted....

By cara
September 27, 2007 - 1 comment - 644 visits

If your photo was deleted, I am sorry. Although landscape and sunset/sunrise photos are inspirational, they typically do not fit here. My hope is here to have a pool of water reflecting or refracting colors, with almost nothing besides water's uniquely distorted view of the world showing---thus the name water colors. I realize it is fairly restricted, but I love seeing all that water in one pool. (for those of you still on flckr check out the "colours of water" group. this is an attempt to recreate that here).

Almost all the deleted photos would fit in one or all of the groups below...

sunsets and skies

Thanks for understanding.

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Armin Fuchs
Armin Fuchs
More and more photos are not WATER COLORS anymore ... -
maybe another "pool cleaning" would be helpful as Cara did ... ?
If not, I will leave the group and maybe make my own.
Best - Armin.
9 years ago.

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