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Bryan Bohn
August 30, 2015 - 1 comment - 316 visits

I really like iperntity compared to Flickr. I did away with my Flickr Pro account when I signed onto iperntiy. Sometimes I wish I hadn't, primarily because iperntity's download features are seriously weak. And relying on 3rd party developers for this is not helping matters because no 3rd party developer creating download capacity for Flickr, which has the features people want, seems interested in developing for ipernity.

Either ipernity needs to address this issue itself or do a better job at attracting 3rd party developers who do.

The features I want most of all are:

1. The ability to perform a complete download - eg, to be able to a reverse back-up in case of a drive failure. This would be most helpful if I could download my entire folder structure too.

2. The ability to edit photo information in ipernity and have those edits maintained when downloading. Edited file names and metadata (location, date, time) are deal breakers. I upload scanned images into ipernity, edit the titles and locations and dates of family and historic photos and that effort should not get lost in download.

3. External sharing. I want to be able to share a photo, or better a whole folder of photos, with a non-ipernity user and have them be able to download the image/folder easily. I can't ask my ludite older relatives to join iperntity. But maybe if they see how great ipernity is when interacting with it as an outsider, they may want to join themselves. As it stands now I have to use another service to share photos this way and it is a major inconvenience for me - a paying iperntity account holder. If this keeps up I may just have to move everything over to my Dropbox account and close my ipernity account.
One more vote for #3 (external sharing)
3 years ago.

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