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Walking Clothesfree

By natmike
September  5, 2010 - 509 visits- Permalink

Hi, just wanted to know if anyone likes walking clothesfree (shoes-only, freehiking) in the great outdoors, there is plenty of countryside that can be enjoyed with full exposure of the skin to the sun and air and its not illegal(In england anyway!).

I quite regularly walk several areas I have found in North kent - by the Thames and inland, where hardly anyone is encountered and its usually easy to cover up to avoid giving offence though I have come across "textiles" unexpectedly sev times and only had a negative reaction on one occasion, I find a cheery Good-day and a smile is quite sufficient , most people in this day and age are more accepting of naturism.

Anyway thats me, I have a little blog of my outdoor activities at if you want to see more!

Take care and stay bare!

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