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Ipernity - not for politics, but happy pictures

By Spo
January 31, 2015 - 4 comments - 862 visits- Permalink

One of my contacts was banned from ipernity yesterday a second time in a week with the explanation that she was too political. According to staff, ipernity is not for politics but for happy pictures.

Yes, she is passionate, frank and outspoken, but she is also witty and utterly objective in her view of this world, and in my opinion a great injustice has happened. I used to call her our Jeanne d'Arc.

In my view the explanation is ridiculous: where do you put the line between political and apolitical talk – especially in these days and ages? Or is it just that there are men who are so deeply hurt if outwitted by an attractive lady, that they must seek retaliation by exposing her to the staff upon some false premise, and politics was used just as an excuse? Yes, she has touché'd me many times, and I'm still alive.

I already wrote ipernity about this. Am I the next to be banned?
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
I have strongly supported Yuma in the past when IP silenced her and continue to do so. She has every right to express herself especially since photography or art often may make a political statement. I condemn this account suspension/banishment.

Hope you're not banned.

6 years ago.
has replied to William Sutherland club
Thank you for your support, William. At least I tried to keep her name off of this. :)
6 years ago.
 Nicolas Mertens
Nicolas Mertens club
Free speech? Never heard of it.
La liberté d'expression? Connais pas.

The thought police on patrol.
What happened in Paris a few weeks ago? Don't remember.
This is really bad news.
6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.
 Laurie Lane
Laurie Lane
OMG, happy pictures only!?! some people must need to look at an art history book. So this decides it for me, Even thou Fl**kr invited a lot of happy picture people to join I'm going to renew my pro acc over there.
6 years ago.

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