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j-p l'@rchéo
May  1, 2012 - 2 comments - 427 visits

Comment voyez-vous évoluer ce groupe dans l'avenir ?

Question très ouverte !...

* Je remercie la personne qui m'a promu administrateur, mais c'est un honneur que je souhaite partager ayant davantage vocation a être modérateur...

Miss FUJI serait-elle intéressée pour me seconder ?
Micky Mike
Micky Mike club
Ipernity dans le futur ? Une référence française qui sera inscrite dans l'Histoire. A côté de Flickr.
6 years ago.
beverley club
o0o I hope that the future of ipernity stays as fresh and welcoming as it
did when I joined two years ago but only recently became active, upgraded
to CLUB with no hesitatation ... bravo to staff and members of ipernity, don't
change or think of changing for one moment, you have been friendly and
welcoming and a delight. My thanks to all new ipernity new friends made
and more I hope in the future. Ipernity is a class act of its own, don't
change :) oOo
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.

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