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Your own work

Rob Leslie
July  6, 2013 - 1 comment - 274 visits

The first rule of Ipernity and this group is - All posts must be your own work.

On the group we expect all photos to have been taken by the poster. The group does not host scans from books etc, or the work of another with so called permission to use it. If you did not take the photo then IMO you have no right to post it in your name.

I also ask all members to check the group rules and to always follow the group aims. -

"The group is for friends and contacts who share an interest in the groups subject"

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Hi Rob,
I have been a member of this group for quite a while now & I have only just realised that none of my images have actually been accepted by the group. I reread the group rules and checked out the other contributions but I can't see that I am contravening any rules and my photos are in line with others posted here so I'm a bit mystified why nothing of mine makes it into the group. Could you please explain where I am going wrong?
3 years ago.

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