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Canopy Script by hand

Jack Cullen
October 21, 2008 - 2 comments - 937 visits- Permalink

I have recently completed hand lettering a script I designed for the front entrance to my Studio. The lettering required "One-Shot" lettering paint and a Russian Squirrel lettering brush. Because of the hairy and absorbent nature of the canvas, three coats of paint was required. From an eight foot ladder, it required 11 hours to complete. My real penchant is for pen and ink. The new owner of the building where my Studio resides, installed this new canopy and asked me to address it.

Hand lettering is the most exciting form I have found to express oneself with a brush. Pens and ink are the next direct connection with the written script. The pliability of the brush leaves no avenue left to 'feel', in the action of performing with ink or paint. Creativity with the brush in developing expressive scripting cannot be rivalled.

My other enjoyment is working with the original crow plume, or, crow feather. The freedom of sweep as you swing the feather over parchment opens a dark memory of when the monks were scribing back in the middle ages. The connection is quite exciting!

Paint is not as free to express with, I must admit, and the canvas I had to work with did not allow anything approaching a 'free' hand in speed and accuracy, yet the finished product will be enjoyed by all who enter my door!
 Lars Sözüer
Lars Sözüer
This sounds exciting!
Do you have any photos of this work?
12 years ago.
 Lars Sözüer
Lars Sözüer
Found them already:
12OCT2008 003
18OCT2008 002
Really fine work, congrats!
12 years ago.

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