About this group

To gather, taking as reference the work of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, photographic and textual documents, which refer to the understanding of Photography as a form of expression that has to do at the same time by aesthetic categories as well social commitments.
The idea is that the group, probably, will not be large. The participation occurs since the moment of an invitation to include a photo in the group.
It is not necessary, in principle, join the group for this.

This is a public group by invitation only.
1 contribution per month allowed.



Last members who have joined this group
Christel Ehretsmann
Sylvie Coeffic
Don Jones
Aref Nammari (goplayer)
Jean François Mansencal
Evelyne Cole
Montecruz Foto
Dennis Lam
Siegfried Vogel
Jason Elkins